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Experience your tunes with the first and only consumer earphones to have a built-in PureSound Processor for the ultimate in distortion-free, 3-dimentional listening. This patented technology delivers only the PureSound from your Smartphone and iPod/Mp3 player to your ClarityOne™ Earbuds. The result: a perfect sound experience.

ClarityOne™ Earphones are revolutionizing the way people hear their music. For so long distorted sound quality and high resistance, that eliminates harmonics, has been the norm. Headphone and speaker manufacturers have added flair to earphones by playing with colours or basic aesthetic design, but they have not tested the limits of sound production or created a pure, unadulterated, undistorted 3-dimensional listening experience. UNTIL NOW!

ClarityOne™ in ear headphones, with PureSound Processor patented technology - deliver brighter mids,
crisp highs, and clean deep bass for a perfect and amazing sound experience.

Control Your Tracks and Answer Your Calls

Control your music and answer your calls with ClarityOne™'s play back, pause, skip and microphone controls

ClarityOne Earbuds offer you all the control you will ever need to listen the way you want!

Each and every pair of ClarityOne Earbuds comes equipped with touch sensitive track control. This means that you can easily jump to the next song or back to the previous song. You can also pause and play with one touch whenever you need to.

We realize that music lovers are more often listening through their iPhone or other mobile device. That is why, with each pair of ClarityOne Earbuds, we have built-in a slim line and light weight precision microphone with a call answer and call end feature. With your ClarityOne controls, you'll never miss a beat.

Some Geek Speak

So how can ClarityOne™ earbuds deliver the clearest, truest, best sound on the market today you ask, well here is the short version. Look on our tech page for more in-depth info.

Your music is a signal. Every other speaker in the world is made the same based on ideas dating back to before there were cars. When your player sends the signal to your earbuds a field is built around the voice coil and it robs you of harmonics, volume and creates distortion. Our patented processor holds this field in a magnetic gap and does not allow it to alter the signal in any way so you have all the music that was recorded in perfect Clarity. The industry benchmark for testing this is a square wave test. The reason is that only a square wave has all harmonics and the associated sub harmonics. We are THE ONLY audio reproduction company that can achieve this and promise perfect sound quality. Square wave in, square wave out.

A bonus is that it actually makes your players battery last longer because we can use 8 ohms, less resistance, and we have no counter EMF back to your player.

Understand The Buds

ClarityOne™ High Quality Earbuds - Explore the buds
  • Sensitivity (1kHz):110dB SPL/mW
  • Frequency Range:15 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Jack Plug:3.5 mm stereo gold plated
  • Cable Length:48 in/1.12 m tangle free
  • Transducer:7.5mm neodymium magnet
  • Impedance (1kHz): 8 ohm... why is this so cool? Most earphones are at least 16ohm+, at only 8 ohm you get all the sound others can't give you and use less energy for big sound that extends your phone and player battery life.

What You Get

ClarityOne™ High Quality Earbuds and Travel Case
  • 3D Stereo Earphones, with in-ear PureSound Processor, tangle free wire and the ClarityOne™ travel case
  • 3 sizes of custom silicone tips formulated to provide the perfect fit for the best possible sound experience
  • A slim line and light weight precision microphone with call answer / call end features so you’ll never miss a phone call
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Ben Varghese

  • Location: Toronto
  • Grind: IT Analyst

I've tried many buds over the years from Shure Beats by Dre Zagg OEM Blackberry headsets Apple headsets and these by far blow them all away in my opinion. I love quality audio and have an upgraded stereo system in my car home theater in my home and the one thing I despise is distortion at higher volumes. Most of the headsets I've tried distort sound a bit muddy are too high and not enough bass or vice versa. I also require the use of the onboard EQ on my portable devices to make any of the other headsets sound decent. These headsets exhibit NONE of those issues and I've got them plugged into my Blackberry 9900 with no EQ turned on and it sounds AMAZING.

The minute my colleague at work told me about these and let me demo his pair I was in heaven...I was like "Where can I get these and how much?" When he told me I couldn't believe how well priced they are compared to other headsets of this caliber such a 'steal' if you ask me. They are worth twice their price.

Seriously if you like to listen to music and want to enjoy it in its purest form without breaking the bank get these headsets! I don't work for this company or don't get anything for saying these comments... i'm just expressing my excitement about these wonderful headsets.

I only wish these units were available in more retail outlets..

Future Shop

  • Location: Online
  • Grind: Tech Community

Canadians bring clear concise sound through ClarityOne Audio

It's always exciting seeing products roll from the Consumer Electronics Show CES floor to the Canadian market. And it's even better when the company is Canadian.

In January Oakville ONbased PureSound Technologies creators of ClarityOne Audio had a magnificent custom orange white and black display on the CES showfloor one of many headphone makers showcasing their tech. They are now available in Canada recently having their inear headphones appearing on Futureshop.ca.

While they may look like a standard pair of metal earbuds what differentiates ClairtyOne Audio is their technology.

On a basic pair of headphones e.g. what consumers receive as freebies among gadgets like smartphones or available for a couple bucks on airlines a standard coil is housed within. ClarityOne on the other hand has a patented "PureSound" Processor featuring dual coils and magnetism providing no distortions ensuring only pure sound exits to the speakers.

Simply put ClarityOne headphones offer distortionfree listening that outputs brighter mids crisper highs and cleaner bass.

Click here for the full review.

Woody Sherman

  • Location: Online
  • Grind: Crutchfield

Great for the cubicle worker:

I was lucky enough to snag a pair of these ClarityOne™ EB 110 inear headphones when they first made an appearance at Crutchfield HQ late last year. Though you may not have heard of them for me the EB 110s deliver a listening experience that outperforms quite a few betterknown inear headsets of similar cost. With a few multiday exceptions for evaluating other units they’ve been my breadandbutter work headphones ever since.

The EB 110s are exceptionally responsive. The headphones run at a low resistance of 8 ohms so they won’t suck much power from your portable media player. And they have an inline microphone and a clickable remote switch for controlling compatible phones and media devices.

Three great attributes:

There are three primary reasons I enjoy these headphones:

First the EB 110s stay put and they’re comfortable. I know everyone’s a little different when it comes to ear anatomy but others here who’ve tried these headphones say the same thing. I know one very experienced writer here who wears them during his workouts and says they’ve never fallen out. As for me I’ve have a rocky relationship with some inears since the day I tried my first pair – they slip out or they’re itchy/painful or they just don’t sound good until you jam them in your ears. Until the ClarityOnes. To my amazement these headphones go in easy they stay in and I can wear them for hours at a time without fatigue.

Second they provide a good seal. Now I work in a room full of talented writers and designers – and most of the time it’s like a library up here. But every now and again especially when we’re all on deadline it can get a little more boisterous. That’s when I’m happy to have some isolation from the outside world. Not only that I can get a good listening level while knowing that my music isn’t leaking out to my neighbors. Things like that can start a headphonewearing chain reaction in the creative bullpen not to mention the occasional advisory email.

Third these headphones are really listenable over the long haul. True to their name the ClarityOnes have a clear and extended high midrange so you can still hear song lyrics nicely defined at lower volumes — perfect for extended work use. Plus when you’ve got a good seal they deliver an even robust bass response that’s very musical. You can really define the pitch of bass frequencies it’s not just growl and rumble. I find that the ClarityOnes suit me best at low to medium listening levels — when I crank them up the treble range feels a bit too present for my taste. But that’s purely a personal assessment — others I know who’ve tried them don’t share my opinion there.

Click here for the full review.

Cody H

  • Location: Missouri USA
  • Grind: Aviation

Just got my ClarityOne earbuds today and all I can say is…..WOW……..TRULY FANTASTIC SOUND. I currently have been using Ultimate Ears 350’s and I loved the sound but after a year I started having problems. Luckily they had a 2 year warranty so they sent me another pair only they had no 350’s in stock so they upgraded me to the 500’s. Both earbuds arrived today and let me just say that I’ve kept the ClarityOne’s and gave my wife the Ultimate Ears 500’s. The audio clarity is absolutely wonderful. High and Midrange is crisp and clear the Bass is deep and clean without taking away from the clarity of the music at any volume. One thing I’ve always hated about wearing earbuds is that if you happen to be chewing gum the audio goes in and out. Not with ClarityOne the earbud tip holes are large enough that jaw movements do not affect the sound quality. I’ve also noticed that I no longer have to turn the volume all the way up to get good Bass punch even at low volume the Bass is very tight. I listen to all types of music and with these earbuds I’m able to hear parts of the tracks that were not very prominent with other earbuds and headphones. The only thing I think that could be improved on so far would be a little longer warranty most highend earbud manufactures have 2 years and some foam earbud tips. In conclusion I would highly recommend ClarityOne terrific job guys and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

Benjamin Maynigo

  • Location: Online
  • Grind: Tech IT From MY Barber Blogger

I listen to Frank Sinatra Tony Bennett Michael Buble Harry Belafonte and the like. My favorite interpretation of the U.S. National Anthem is Marvin Gaye’s. These people have such beautiful voices that you do not want to miss any sound. You want to listen not just to the singer but to the sound of every instrument as well.

ClarityOne has given me this pleasure beyond compare as I listen to my music. I understand that it is because of its Pure Sound Processor. It is one sound technology that retains all the harmonics in music and voice that passes through it.

From my iPhone iPod or iPad the technology definitely produces “pure clean and undistorted sound.” It is extremely good. I highly recommend this product. I cannot leave home without it!

Kat Orphanides

  • Location: UK
  • Grind: ExpertReviews.com

PureSound’s ClarityOne earphones use a unique audio circuit designed to eliminate the distortion caused by the way in which the magnetic coils move in most audio drivers. The earphones also have the lowest impedance of any we’ve reviewed at just eight ohms. This does a lot to explain the massive volume they’re capable of kicking out – we had to turn the volume right down both on our sound card and audio player to spare our ears.

We reviewed a version with a builtin microphone for mobile phone use and a fourpole jack plug but they’ll soon be available in a micfree version too. As advertised the earphones sounded incredibly clear from the slap of drum skins and strike of cymbals to the rich reproduction of vocals and detailed guitar harmonies.

Their sound compared well to even our most expensive reference earphones although we generally prefer a slightly warmer and more spacious sound than the ClarityOne earphones provide. The high volume and precision of the earphones could also make the high notes of some tracks sound brighter and more brittle than we’re accustomed to. However these are largely issues of personal taste: PureSound has created a brilliantsounding set of earphones that will appeal to anyone who likes plenty of volume and who wants detailed treble without sacrificing bass intensity.

See the full review here: http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/headphones/1289629/puresound-technologies-clarityone

Rodrigo Domínguez

  • Location: Santiago Chile
  • Grind: Artist

I am positively impressed by the way my headphones portray music . The ClarityOne's are exceptional for just about any genre of music. I think they compete head to head with more expensive IEM's out there and retain their quality through time. These cans can be a replacement for good and proven full size headphones such as my modded VModa Crossfades no longer bass heavy if you are guessing. I am an audiophile that got the wrong products for years so I think this time I actually hit the nail with this amazing product they may not be perfect but they are close.

I can also say the postsale service is a WorldClass one for they replaced my first pair that got cable problems very promptly. My personal thanks to Dean Kurnell who was very concerned with my issue and saved me from any hassle.

Mat Leung

  • Location: Markham
  • Grind: Engineer

This is one of the best earbuds I have ever purchase. These earbuds are way better than all the over priced beats. These are very well balanced and the sound quality is crystal clear.

Buy it, you will never regret.

Adam Stevenson

  • Location: Toronto
  • Grind:

I never write reviews but these headphones are unreal and I had to say something. I would recommend these to anybody cause the sound is amazing and so pure. Excellent job

Alexander Liang

  • Location: Online
  • Grind: Kenton Magazine

Setting a new standard in sound with a builtin PureSound Processor ClarityOne earbuds virtually eliminate distortion and extend player battery life not to mention make the music you listen to sound just that much better.

"People have been conditioned to accept poor quality sound and we are here to change that." says Dean Kurnell President of ClarityOne. "Our earbuds are based on a simple philosophy: pure sound in should be pure sound out. With the patented PureSound processor built into every ClarityOne earbud that‘s exactly what you get – pure crisp mids bright highs and clean deep base. You hear music exactly as the artist intended you to hear it" says Kurnell.

Lenz's Law set the limitations for all modernday sound reproduction devices; like speakers earphones even your car radio. Abiding by the law means any sound produced through a speaker suffers a level of distortion resulting from magnetic field buildup in a single wire coil. Though revolutionary in his time it is a fact that Lenz's Law limits the quality of sound reproduction.

See the full review here: http://kentonmagazine.com/clarityone-earbuds-revolutionize-sound/

Josh Meyer

  • Location: Bartlesville Oklahoma
  • Grind:

These are very capable IEM's at their price point. They are very detailed with excellent bass that has good depth and punch. They fit good but even better with some Comply tips which also improves the over all sound signature and isolation.

All in all the ClarityOnes is a very nice IEM and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good sub $150 IEM with good detail and deep bass.

Rick Taylor

  • Location: Winnipeg
  • Grind: CTV Winnipeg

I am an audio guy by trade and a gear geek as a hobby. Whenever I get an opportunity to try out a new piece of equipment I jump at the chance. The IEM’s I currently use are Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 Pro. They are a dual driver design and each earbud is removable from the cable to make replacement very easy. I very much enjoy these earphones.

I was offered the chance to try out the ClarityOne Earbuds of which I was not familiar.

Upon opening the box I was impressed with the contents which included a storage case and 3 pair of silicon ear pieces of different sizes.

The earphones themselves are nicely finished and fell very sturdy. My only concern is where the cables enter the earphone does not seem well stress relieved. I worry that while removing the buds from my ears I could damage the cable and as the cables are not user replaceable I would need to send them away for repair.

Once I found the appropriate sized silicon earpiece I sat back to see what these babies could do. They fit very comfortably in my ear and provide very good ambient noise reduction. I was using my Gen 3 iPod Touch as my source. My mp3’s are all high quality variable bit rate averaging around 260kbs. I listen to a fairly wide variety of music from classic rock some punk and new wave to Frank and Dino and even Henry Mancini back to whatever I like is new these days.

So I started with some Pink Floyd Darkside of the Moon. The opening heartbeat usually gives me a pretty good idea as to what the quality and quantity of bass will be like. I was impressed. Tight and low. Once things got going a bit I did find the high end a bit much.

My hearing has taken some abuse from years of live bands and ridiculous car stereos I owned my own installation shop for 5 years back in the day so normally I increase the high end a bit to compensate but I found it a bit much.

Then while listening I started reading the booklet that came with these and it states to turn of all eq. As always RTFM. After I set everything flat I noticed right away a dramatic improvement. Whatever eqing is happening in the earphones seems to be quite good. I have never owned an earbud or full size headphone that I could run flat with no eq and be happy. I still found my self tweaking but not out of need just out of let’s see if we can improve it more. You can but it is very minimal and most people probably won’t.

After about an hour and a half I decided to stop for the evening and “Burn In” these earphones. Now I do not think that this always makes a difference but some people swear by it while others deny it does anything. I had nothing to lose so I let my iPod run plugged in on random play so that a variety of sounds would run through these.

After 5 days of my kids telling me I left my iPod on I decided that was enough.

So I sat back again and started listening. I believe that the time burning in smoothed out some frequencies even more. Whether it is the drivers loosening up or any of the actual electronic components stabilizing I don’t know. But the experience was enjoyable.

I would say that my time with these earphones was eye opening. They sound great!

Factor in the price$129 at this writing and I think they are a steal. I have let my kids use them and they now refuse to use the $20 earbuds they buy themselves.

One thing I forgot to mention was the switch on the cable that allows you to pause and start your iPod. Very handy.

I recommend you search out this product. While it may not be a very well known name now I think that will change as more people are exposed to ClarityOne.

The Audio Out

  • Location: Online
  • Grind: Gadget Reviews

ClarityOne Earbuds our first review: Result: A Ludicrously Cosy Aural Vacuum to Float In.

If you have ever wanted to be tucked inside a microphone this is the closest you are going to get. Every tiny hiss swish and whoosh every pluck and ping and some bits you aren't sure the artists knew about in the first place.

And really absolutely no other noise in your head.

I can't hear the phone ringing on my desk. That probably isn't the best for me as I am actually supposed to be answering it...

This means no more listening to the squealing of mobiles playing Justin Bieber at the back of the bus. No more trying to ignore the fouryear old singing about trains on the commute. No more anything. I can actually hear the alarming sound of my own head turning. And I was just offered a cup of tea allegedly rather loudly and now I'm missing out. There are downsides to this noise cancellation.

There are various technical details to explain this phenomenon and the wizards at ClarityOne do well with their explanations: they talk of 6 patents for their 'PureSound Processor' which 'delivers the pure sound frequency from your Smartphone and iPod to your ClarityOne earbuds in perfect phase unity.'

Now I am no technogeek or audiophile but I can tell a good sound when I hear one. Put very basically the soundwaves do not get translated in the same way as usual which allows for less distortion and a purer sound. They are certainly very very clear.

The bass is great. I have heard rumours that it distorts at maximum volume though haven't experienced it myself. It is clear and fairly deep but has no overpowering impact on the treble or highs.

The highs are strong I have read reviews stating that the highs are too agressive but again have not found this myself. They are sharp though and again always completely clear.

The trebles are not as sharp as the highs but again incredibly precise and engaging.

The end result is a sound like crystal sharp as a knife with all the perfect noise the artist intended the top hiss of vinyl the reverberation beautiful and the drops almost painful. And that's with the volume at 70%. I haven't actually managed to listen to them for any prolonged time at full volume and frankly there is just no need with this much noise cancellation you might as well be floating in a cosy aural vacuum.

They say its the little things and the developers have put a lot of thought into the cabling which are covered in some kind of clear 'tanglefree' magic spell. This is really quite useful for me as I have a tendency to use my earphones to hook various items out of my bag throughout the day thereby pretty much wrecking them...

Click here for the full review

Rehan Saeed

  • Location: Online
  • Grind: ClarityOne Earbud Customer

Disclaimer: I’m in no way affiliated with PureSound Technologies Inc. and purchased the ClarityOne merely out of curiosity.

The ClarityOne’s were purchased through the following link using the following coupon code lovemybuds for an additional 15% off which as of this writing may or may not still be active. I received them just this past Monday November 7th and since then they’ve constantly underwent usage either in my ears or set off to the side left playing throughout the day and night whenever unoccupied by my own ears. As such they’ve been consistently running for nearly 1214 hours a day.

Preface: Before I begin I’d just like to say that I’m particularly wary of products that tend to make rather farfetched marketing claims and the ClarityOne is no exception at that. What drew me in was not the marketing gobbledygook but much rather their appeal form factor the added benefit of an inline mic one that isn’t intended strictly for use with the iPhone and most importantly their affordable cost. Admittedly for PureSound to make such claims as those found on either their manufacture page or the ClarityOne product page itself their MSRP was a rather surprising albeit welcome one. Needless to say considering the performance of similarly priced inear currently dominating the sub $150$200 market such as the FXT90 GR07 EX600 among others my expectations were rather high and rightfully so. Briefly speaking were my expectations met? Well that’s what the reviews intended for so read on! :D

In case you haven’t noticed the ClarityOne which I’ll now refer to as ‘C1’ for all intents and purposes have an impedance of just 8 ohms the added benefits of which can be read on their website itself.

Beginning with aesthetics the C1 is quite similar to my Ortofon eQ5 in that the C1 is roughly speaking a shrunken down version of the eQ5. Unlike the Ortofon’s however the cable does not extend out the backside but from the underneath the earphone itself. I personally prefer this approach as those of us who prefer to wear our earphones in an overtheear fashion from time to time may struggle with the eQ5 while with the C1 the task is deemed as effortless as wearing them straightcable. The cable itself is almost entirely free from microphonics when worn straight down while nonexistent when worn overtheear. I should mention however I’ve encountered a complaint of the cable supposedly beginning to ‘peel’ based on one owner’s account though I’ve yet to see it reported by any others here or elsewhere. Unfortunately it’s much too early to tell since the ClarityOne’s only recently hit the market. As OCD careful as I am with all of my belongings I’m not too worried. Nonetheless we’ll know in due time. There also the absence of a chin slider which I’d really have liked to see even if it extended to just below the point the where microphone is placed.

Being that I compared the aesthetics to those of my eQ5 it’s no surprise that the C1 is equally as comfortable and practically disappears when worn be it straight cable or in an overtheear fashion my preferred way of wearing them. The fit/comfort is as good as one would hope for allowing for them to be as easily worn as they are removed. Isolation is on par with the many vented dynamics out there in that it’s average at best to slightly below average depending on the tips in use. Speaking of tips what do I make of the included tips are quite similar to the clear silicone tips included with the Ultimate Ears 700 as shown and other UE earphones for that matter. The main difference here however is a slightly wider bore. In fact the C1’s stock tips happen to have as large a bore as the JVC FXT90/FX700 tips. I must admit the accessories I received with my revised GR07’s do leave me with much to be desired and I’d have loved to see a variety of tips included with the C1 and not just 3 sets of clear silicone tips. Even the aforementioned UE700 happens to include a rather generous array of tips including the rounded Comply foams. On the bright side there’s a nice and rugged zipper pouch included much like the circular Shure pouch which makes for an easy solution on the go. All in all nothing to see here folks move along. Everything is just dandy.

Now for the part you’ve all been eagerly waiting for. If you skipped down to this shame on you. I’d have done the very same haha!

My first impression can be found here and since I’d have to say enough has changed and for the better I might add. We’ll start with the bad and work our way up. I’d much rather you leave here optimistic than not. On that note let’s begin with the high frequency. If asked to summarize the highs in a few words the first ones that come to mind would be slightly aggressive. I say slightly because they’re not the least bit intolerable. Upon first listen however they were a mixed bag of attributes. Seldom times they were crisp and detailed with pleasant sparkle but more often than not they sounded edgy and harsh though not piercing and rather grainy. As such I encountered a good bit of sibilance during the first few days. In fact it reached to the point where I opted for my Comply T400’s which for me personally resolved the issue altogether. No more sibilance not nearly as dry but instead slightly smooth with less sparkle without compromising much in regards to overall detail and clarity. Going back and forth between the two the stock tips almost always brought forth the slightly aggressive nature of the C1’s while the T400’s brought forth a much more pleasant experience. Hence as of the third day for the remainder of my listening I exclusively used the T400’s. To my surprise given the overall warm tone of the C1 the treble is never found lacking and for the most part retains balance as compared to the rest of the spectrum.

That brings us to the bass and most probably my absolute favorite aspect of the C1’s. Bare with me you’ll know just why I’m saving the mids for last. The bass is the very first thing that’s bound to catch the listener’s attention and only in the best of ways. It’s weighty believe me extending quite deep and all the while tight controlled and at times even seismic though never excessive overpowering out of place or impinging on the rest of the spectrum. What I love most is that in no way does the bass bleed into the midrange. The bass reminds me of the Monster lineup albeit more refined and controlled with a good bit of subbass and midbass emphasis though from my own experience the high end Monster lineup excluding the Limes Davis can sound rather muddy and veiled at times. That’s not at all the case here with the C1. While there is an abundance of body weight or impact they act accordingly and perform as called upon while never attempting to steal the shine from the rest of the spectrum. In fact there was one track in particular W&W – Arena where they simply blew me away with the amount of control and impact they delivered and I knew then just what they were capable of particularly when the tracks calls for greater low end emphasis. As it stands they’re easily my most preferred fun & bassy inears. In any case as bassheavy as they sound the lows yet again retain good balance with respect to the mids and highs and leaves neither one left behind.

As per the mids considering the overall warm tone of the C1 the midrange is no different here in that it’s pleasantly warm and at times slightly intimate refined with good overall detail texture and overall transparency. More often than not they’re nor forward nor recessed but closer to neutral than not in that regard. Vocals sound equally as pleasant with warmth slight intimacy and never lacking definition or clarity. If ever the C1 lived up to it’s name it’s in regards to the midrange which boasts the best overall clarity as compared to the rest of the spectrum. In fact the overall presentation as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now leans towards a warm well balanced extremely fun and musical one without compromising overall detail and transparency. Notes are conveyed with a pleasant thickness as is commonly found with most dynamics and tends to compliment the overall signature/presentation of the C1. Timbre and overall definition are equally impressive especially when considering their price. Their soundstage is pleasantly wide resembling that of the many readily available vented dynamics out there in that it’s open and airy extending to either extreme. Their sense of layering is quite good making proper use of the extended staging and while Imaging and instrument separation aren’t the best I’ve come to hear the UM3X retains that title they’re no disappointment either.

To read the full review visit: http://www.headfi.org/products/clarityone/reviews/5855

SBC Wakeboard Magazine

  • Location: Online
  • Grind: All Things Wakeboarding

We're not sure when it happened but at some point it seems that headphones and earbuds have become more of a fashion accessory rather than a piece of audio equipment. With so many styles and colours available you could have a pair of headphones to match every outfit in your wardrobe. Yeah they look pretty cool but doesn't anybody care about audio quality anymore? And no offense to the late and megagreat Steve Jobs but there's a reason those white headphones are free with any iPod or iPhone. Sure the device they're plugged into is perhaps one of the technological marvels of the modern world but the sound they produce is definitely subpar.

When a pair of ClarityOne earbuds showed up at office we were surprised at how plain they look. But once we plugged them into the hifi we were blown away kind of like that classic Maxell tape commercial from the 80's: we're really showing our age with that reference. These earbuds provide amazing sound quality thanks to what ClarityOne calls their PureSound Processor. We got some megatech info that came with the earbuds but a lot of it flew over our heads. What you really need to know these earbuds provide some serious kickass sound. And if you're looking for some diamondencrusted mutlicoloured headphones to match your best pair of Air Jordans you might want to look elsewhere.

See the full review here: http://www.sbcwakeboard.com/geararticle?newsid=691

Ryan Visima

  • Location: Canada
  • Grind: Black's

In a word: phenomenal. Reading the blurb on the packaging — and doing further research on the ClarityOne website — induces a healthy bit of skepticism in the reader as they basically claim to have broken the laws of audio physics to make these earbuds the best in the world. But you know what? They’re not kidding. If you’re technicallyminded you can read up on their 6 patents with more pending and 12 years of research and development which got them to this point.

We tested the ClarityOne Earbuds on a variety of sources including computers mobile phones media players and tablets. We explored different musical genres video games and movies to make sure all the possible listening conditions were covered. These earbuds offer the cleanest separation of sounds I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to hence the use of the word “clarity” in the product name. The sound of background elements especially seems to come through with stunning clarity instead of getting lost in the back of the mix like with other earphones. And boy are they ever loud! You won’t ever need to run the volume level on your device much above 50%.

I finally feel like I’m hearing songs as the artists intended them to be heard. Subtle sweeps lasting reverberations from cymbal crashes and clean distortionfree bass are just a few of the things that these earbuds have opened up my ears to.

To read the full article visit: http://www.blacks.ca/User/feeds/blog/id/7674

Doug Lambert

  • Location: Unknown
  • Grind: Audiophile

I received the Clarity One Earbuds and I got to tell you I was astonished on just how good they sounded. I've been an audiophile for over 35 years and have owned so many earbuds even the ones that are specially made from a mold in your ears. They cost me over $1000 but these are every bit as good. I love them! And just wanted to thank you again.

Jeremy Hill

  • Location: Online
  • Grind: Blogger for Gadgetell

Right out of the box you have everything you’d expect to get with a pair of earbuds that cost over $100. You get the earbuds a circular carrying case and three pairs of earbud tips. The tips differ in size so you should have no trouble getting these earbuds to rest firmly in your ears. I found the tips that came on the earbuds to be sufficient enough.

Let me tell you the first time I slipped these earbuds into my ears I had to laugh out loud to myself. Even without being connected to anything the ClarityOne earbuds immediately deafened the sound in the room. Granted I could still hear my phone ring in a quiet room but for the most part everything I heard was confined to my own head. I could literally hear my eyes blink while these earbuds were in.

Given the noise cancellation attributes of these earbuds without the aid of audio I expected to be in a world of my own when I piped some music into them.

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Audio Reviews.com

  • Location: Online
  • Grind: Audio Review Website

The ClarityOne earphones are fantastic. They are brand new and we have a sample for review. Granted they aren’t specifically made for the iPhone like the above models are but for $129 you get every penny worth of good sound. Clean midrange real punchy bass and detailed and extended highs. Actually these are so good we have been using them on more than just the iPhone because well – they are capable of pointing out the weakness in standard MP3 and iPhone DAC. $250 sound for half the price.

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Tim Bovaconti

  • Location: Toronto
  • Grind: Professional Musician

As an avid music junkie I listen to all kinds of music on my IPOD though I play mostly vinyl at home. I have tried various brands of earbuds noisecancelling earphones etc. and with my introduction to the Clarity One earbuds I have a new favourite....I tried listening to the new Dangermouse "Rome" album and immediately noticed increased clarity and presence on the various instruments especially the acoustic guitars nice bass frequency as well! I also noticed the separation of the various instruments overall a less muddy more precise sound than most other products provide. I highly recommend a pair!

Tim Bovaconti Professional musician currently lead guitarist for Ron Sexsmith and Burton Cummings amongst other artists.

Sarah Liss

  • Location: Toronto
  • Grind: The Grid/CBC Radio

I finally cracked open the box and used the earbuds on my way to work today. They're great! Loads better and clearer and more comfortable than my old earbuds. Thank you guys so much for passing along the 'buds. I love them.

Jake Boyd

  • Location: Manotick, On
  • Grind: Drummer in Canadian Rock Band Hollerado

Personally, I absolutely love these headphones. Thank you guys so much!

Kat Lourenco

  • Location: Canada
  • Grind: Wakestock Production Team member On ClarityOne Earbuds

I actually use them for the better part of most days. I put them on in my open concept office, and they do a pretty good job of blocking out background distractions. The fit is good, I haven't noticed any discomfort wearing them for long periods of time.

As for sound quality, I'm generally listening to mp3s and streaming audio, but they do sound quite a bit clearer then my apple headphones. I occasionally use them on skype phone calls as well, and I do find them easier to hear the person on the other end than with my other set.

Thanks for letting me try them out, they're certainly my secret key to productivity the last couple of weeks.

Derek Welsman

  • Location: Toronto, On
  • Grind: 102.1 The Edge Morning Show Producer

These ClarityOne earbuds definitely live up to their name. The Puresound Processor creates crisp highs and deep full bass you don$t normally get with earphones this small. The dynamic range, combined with superb noise cancelling technology, makes for an unforgettable listening experience every time you put them on.

Menno .

  • Location: Manotick, On
  • Grind: Member of Canadian Rock Band Hollerado

I absolutely love mine. Seriously the best sounding and most comfy earbuds I have ever owned. Now, let's see how durable they are... If they last through the next tour, that means that are heavy duty ;) Thanks for hooking us up.

Ben Mulroney

  • Location: Toronto, On
  • Grind: Host on eTalk and Canadian Idol

The ClarityOne Earbuds are fantastic - a MARKED difference from the iPod earphones I've been using for years. I've tried buds with a similar form factor in the past, and they are not as comfortable, nor do they stay in my ears as well as the ClarityOnes.

They also allow me to play my music at a lower volume and still hear the songs perfectly - I am guessing that lowering the volume on the iPod might extend the battery life.

Steve Jordan

  • Location: Toronto, On
  • Grind: Founder and Executive Director of The Polaris Music Prize

I'tve tried many buds and with most I can'tt wait to get them out of my ears. These, I can'tt wait to put in.

Shawn Mahoney

  • Location: Vancouver
  • Grind: ClarityOne Customer

I just compared the ClarityOne Earbuds to Shure and Dre Beats. It's like listening to my old Aiwa mini-system that got me through college vs. my high-end audiophile caliber system in my living room! It's such a well balanced and fine-tuned sound. The bass notes are what are most noticeable better, so rich and full, properly balanced and not overwhelming. But it's not only the bass, it's definitely clearer too, "clarity!".

The fit is awesome, sitting so well in the ear, very comfortable. The long thin cylindrical design of them allows them to go so much further into the ear. Neither the Shure or Monster buds stay in that well. I'm constantly adjusting those when I run and these from ClarityOne would stay put I'm sure. You also can't hear a thing from noise around you when listening to them because my dog just brushed my leg and scared me half to death! I had no idea he was in the room!

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